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Blackbottoms Cyclewear was founded in 1974 with a homesewer making cycling shorts for friends and acquaintances. Blackbottoms cycling shorts soon became well known for their quality, durability and fit. Blackbottoms was the first to introduce “flatlocked” seams to the industry, and successfully expanded the product line to more references and sports. Blackbottoms’ continues growing and now we have new production plant with all the process in house to offer you a better quality and faster leadtimes.

Blackbottoms Cyclewear designs, manufactures, and distributes

High-quality Cycling, MTB, Triathlon and Fitness apparel, Blackbottoms’ goal is to provide modern cyclists with the best gear for their rides. Putting together all our passion, research, skills and improvents. We are best-known today for our vivid designs, amazing graphics for our custom cycling line, anatomical fits and high performance fabrics and trims . We want to afford you the best looking, highest quality gear that you can obtain. Contact us soon and we can get started – 801-738-7056 Or you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

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